55 New Songs from September 2020 You Should Listen To

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While I haven’t been posting about it the past few months like I was earlier in the year, I’ve been continuing to update the New Release Sampler playlist on Spotify every month with new songs. I felt like taking some notes while I was putting the finishing touches on it today though and thought I’d share them readers. So here are the 55 new songs I picked out from September 2020 that I think that you should hear.

1. ’68 – Bad Bad Lambo
Love is Ain’t Dead has been one of my most listened to new releases this month. I couldn’t decide which song I liked best so I ask the IVM Facebook group which song to feature on the playlist and “Bad Bad Lambo” was the favorite.

2. Altared – Escape
The sound of the engine revving over a retrowave beat to start this song off made it standout real quick.

3. Andy Squyres – You Bring the Morning
Staff writer Casey Gallenberger liked song enough to make it song of the day pick a few weeks back. Read what he had to say about the song here.

4. The Arcadian Wild – Summer: Walk
This song is the highly anticipated follow up to “Spring: Walk” and the second of four seasonal movements coming from the band. The song continues the Eden narrative started in their first single.

5. Asfirefalls – Out of Line
I know how much our readers at IVM enjoy hard rock so this one is for you.

6. Audiophile -The ACT
As a self-professed audiophile I can’t help but endorse this pop-punk goodness. But don’t take my work for it, check out what Brandon J. has to say about their new EP Neapolitan.

7. Audrey Assad – Find You
I’ve done my best not to spam the playlist with Audrey Assad singles this year, but with her latest EP Eden out now I had to make sure she got a featured song this month. Is it just me of do I here a little LEVV influence on “Find You”?

8. Before Their Eyes – CTY in a Snowglobe
First, let me just say that super excited the return of Before Their Eyes. And second, I get a real LNYX vibe from this remix.

9. Behold the Beloved – Come Alive
Our writer Rob J. shared this song on IVM earlier this month, but in case you missed it this is a must hear rocker for fans of Skillet and Disciple.

10. Built by Titan – Birds
Built by Titan releases yet another pop single that gets stuck in my head on first listen. This is hardly news.

11. Buried Above – It’s Never Too Late

12. Chasing Daylight – You Are the Song
This song from the Singapore band Chasing Daylight had me so excited first time I heard it that I stopped what I was doing and transcribed the lyrics to it so I could share it with you as my Song of the Day pick.

13. Christa Wells – Western Shoreline
I’m really not sure this song wasn’t featured the playlist when it was released as a single but thankfully with the release of Pacific I’m getting a second chance to share this one.

14. The Citrus Trees – Little Town
There might not be “enough space in this little town” but there is enough space on my playlist for “Little Town”. Okay, that was pretty bad.

15. Dâmares Gomes – Breathe 
I first heard Dâmares Gomes on the Eikon album Hunger two years agoNow she’s back with a new worship single of her own titled “Breathe”.

16. Deep Valleys – Beyond the Waves
After Deep Valleys released their debut album last year I was surprised to see them returning with a new single just a year late. It turned out to be a very pleasant surprise though.

17. DIRE – Forever New
DIRE is a band I haven’t listened to too much as their sound is typically a little too heavy for my taste. But this new single caught my ear. In a weird way the chorus remind just a little of Falling Up.

18. Disciple – Enemy
Another song that Rob J. as already shared on IVM. He’s really been on top of it this month.

19. DJ Kirk – The Process
I always try to include at least one CEDM in my playlist updates. This month that song is “The Process” by DJ Kirk.

20. The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers – Wintertime
Wow, that was fun.

21. Falcon – The Good Stuff
You might know Falcon better as Amanda Lindsey Cook of Bethel Music. Under the Falcon moniker though you’ll hear some less-worshipy pop music.

22. Final Greetings – Burn
If you enjoy old school Fireflight you’ll probably like this.

23. Five Iron Frenzy – So We Sing

24. Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh – I Don’t Wanna Lose My Firends
GFM seem to be leveling up with each new EP. I especially enjoy slightly different style of “I Don’t Wanna Lose My Friends”.

25. The Gray Havens – Magic in the Moment


27. Illumination Project – Look
Fans of Kings Kaleidoscope will feel right at home with this new single from Illumination Project.

28. Jeremy James Whitaker – Pray for Yourself
Hey looky here, two CEDM songs this month.

29. Jessie Early – When You Come Home
This is one of the most difficult songs I’ve ever attempted to transcribe. You judge for yourself how I did here.

30. Joseph O’Brien – Who’s This Man

31. Josh Sellers – Animal

32. Kios – Felt Like Heaven
If you’re a fan of Knox Hamilton then you need to be listening to Kios.

33. Medical Morning – The Truth Is Hard to Hear
Everyone’s favorite shoegaze worship band is back with a new single.

34. Micah Ariss – My Own Worst Enemy
If you’ve been following my playlists this year then you probably have heard a lot of Micah Ariss songs. Sorry about that, I just enjoy them too much to not include them, “My Own Worst Enemy” being no exception.

35. The Midnight Wedding – I Swear

36. Neon Feather – Easy Love
Neon Feather and Sajan Nauriyal are two of my favorite pop artists in CCM these days so I was sold when I saw they were teaming up to make a new single.

37. The Oh Hellos – Rose
The Oh Hellos have returned with the third installment of their four-winds EP series, Boreas, and Casey G. has already reviewed it for IVM.

38. Olivia Georgia – You’re the Best Part
I first learned of Olivia Georgia’s music from Allie Paige. And if you’re a fan of Allie Paige then you’re going to love her music as much as I do.

39. OLY – Vapor
This new song from Rainbow Records is everything you’d expect from the label associated with Kings K.

40. Paul Arend – 7 Years, New Skin

41. Paul Demer – One and the Same
Paul Demer’s new EP proved to be a bit of a slow burn for me. But it really feels the EP I need to hear right now with it’s focus on love and unity. “One and the Same” is technically a re-release but that didn’t stop me from making my song of the day this week.

42. Rorie – Avalanche

43. Rynn – Say Anything 

44. Sarah DeShields – Lay Your Bones Down
It was Amanda Opelt’s guest vocals that first my attention to this song. It comes from Sarah DeShield’s new album Death and the Woman which is heavily influenced by her Scottish heritage.

45. Scott Mulvahill – Creative Potential
One of my friends messaged me on Facebook after they heard this song to make I had head it. Well now I’m passing it along his message to make sure you get to hear it too.

46. Seventh Day Slumber – Run to the Father
Seventh Day Slumber covers Cory Carnes’ “Run to the Father” with roaring guitars.

47. Skillet – Dead Man Walking

48. Slick Shoes – 2008
If you read IVM you’ve probably already listen to Slick Shoes new album, but if you haven’t then as Scott Fryberger Jr. of JFH commented on my Facebook post “‘2008’ might be the best at showcasing everything great about the band.”

49. SVRCINA – Sympathy
SVRCINA’s new album is packed with sync license ready pop jams. “Sympathy” was the last single released before the album dropped. If you like be sure and check out the song “Precious” too.

50. Talkie – Blue Underground
This song is everything I love about Talkie.

51. Tina Boonstra – More Than Your Head
Honestly the heavy guitar distortion this song starts with feels like a bit of a bait and switch by the time you get to the lighthearted sing-along friendly chorus. But who cares, it’s still a fun song.

52. the UPAFTER – Remedy
Another one of my song of the day picks.

53. VERIDIA – Light It Up

54. Wake Low – How Did We Get Here
Andrew Peterson’s kids are it again. Asher (NAMO) and Skye Peterson have both released an album and EP this already. Now they’re back with their brother Aedan to release a new single under the name Wake Low.

55. Young Oceans – You Are Not Far
Young Oceans returns with the first song off their upcoming album, “You Are Not Far”. The song is simple with a simple message: God is never far away if we seek him.

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October 3, 2020 6:55 pm

Impressive list that is too intimidating for me to listen through it all, but I wanted to point out Before Their Eyes, I’ve been really glad to see them putting out b-sides, remixes and remasters!

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