Song of the Day: Paul Demer - One and the Same

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Most holy Son of God,
incarnate for us,
you set a table in our midst
for the one who loved,
the one who sold you out,
the one who lied and ran away.

Without one or the other
it would not be complete.
You invite us to this table,
one and the same.

Most holy Son of Man,
you’ve broken for us
your bread and body, wine and blood
for the ones who seek,
the ones who sought your end,
the ones who mourned the dying day.

Without criminals and robbers,
hanging justly accused,
we might miss your forgiveness
of one and the same.

Most holy Prince of Peace,
stooped down on a knee
to wash the feet of your friends;
the ones who knew
not yet what you would do
to prove the depth of your love.

If not for blinded disciples
we may not know the tale.
Scales fall down as our eyes open,
one and the same.

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