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October 3, 2020

55 New Songs from September 2020 You Should Listen To

While I haven’t been posting about it the past few months like I was earlier in the year, I’ve been continuing to update the New Release Sampler playlist on Spotify every month with new songs. I felt like taking some notes while I was putting the finishing touches on it today though and thought I’d share them readers. So here are the 55 new songs I picked out from September 2020 that I think that you should hear. 1. ’68 – Bad Bad Lambo Love is Ain’t Dead has been one of my most listened to new releases this month.… Continued →

July 6, 2020

Return of the Not-So-Weekly New Release Sampler

I’ve been creating new playlists every month this year that feature my favorite newly released songs. It turns out though it’s difficult to build a following when you’re constantly creating new playlists. So I’ve decided it’s time to resurrect the Weekly New Release Sampler that’s been stagnating for nearly a year now. Except it probably won’t be weekly anymore. Instead I intend to continue what I’ve already been doing this year by updating the playlist once a month with the best new releases. So follow along and discover some of the great new music!… Continued →