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Nine Lashes - World We View

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Artist: Nine Lashes
Album: World We View
Label: Tooth & Nail
Release Date: February 14, 2012
Reviewed by: Sara Walz

Track Listing:
1. Anthem of the Lonely
2. The Intervention
3. Get Back
4. Afterglow
5. Adrenaline
6. Believe Your Eyes
7. Our Darkest Day
8. Memo
9. Write It Down
10. The Void
11. My Friend

Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama the five-piece band just released their debut album, World We View, on Tooth & Nail with producers Aaron Sprinkle and Trevor McNevan. The input of Trevor McNevan is undeniable, upon first listen I thought, “This sounds like Phenomenon-era Thousand Foot Krutch,” but that’s not to say they are a carbon copy of the veteran rock group. Nine Lashes holds their own in the man-rock arena going back and forth on the album between heavy guitars and double bass to ballads crying out “…so my God fill this space that’s left in me.”

The album keeps from getting too static by the addition of electronic tracks, strings and includes an appearance by Demon Hunter screamer, Ryan Clark, on the song “Our Darkest Day.” World We View closes with an almost completely acoustic track that highlights lead singer, Jeremy Dunn’s, vocals and is a clean way to close out a highly charged album.

Lyrically, Nine Lashes gets it right. They say on their Facebook page that “they have determined in their hearts to bring a message of Hope to the Hopeless purpose to the lost” and their lyrics do not shy away from that mission. Musically, however, it feels like I have heard it before. It is a strong debut album and definitely worth a listen but if I heard one of their songs on the radio I am not sure I would be able to distinguish them from most other hard rock acts.

Side note: 3 days after “World We View” released, Nine Lashes hit the road with RED and Thousand Foot Krutch on the REDvolution Tour. Word on the street: their live show is explosive.