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Dire - Volume 1

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Record label: Independent
Release date: August 19, 2016

  1. “All Glory”
  2. “Shatter”
  3. “Farther”
  4. “Guillotine”
  5. “Evil”
  6. “Remiss”
  7. “Not My Home”
  8. “Watch It Burn”
  9. “The Seed and the Sower”
  10. “Stronger”
  11. “No Reason”
  12. “Keep Your Mouth Shut”
  13. “There Is Yet Hope”
  14. “Unbroken”
  15. “Wages of Sin”

Got some Indie metal here today! The Independent metal scene seems to be growing more and more. We have bands that start out Independent, a case we have currently, and bands that been signed to labels but leave and become independent. Dire is one of the former.

“All Glory” is the first track on Dire’s Volume 1. The song seems very metalcore in style, with their straight double bass, gritty guitars, backing vocals, etc. but what you usually don’t hear in metalcore much: a guitar solo! That is something that doesn’t happen very often.

“Shatter” is very groovy and melodic. The chorus brings the melody, but afterwards, is where the hardcore comes in. The song is definitely groove metal meets hardcore. Groovecore? Well, once again, Dire has blessed us with an amazing guitar solo! Melodic groove metal-core is more like it.

“Farther” is the third track on the album. Very heavy bass-lines. The band has a very hard feel for some of the song until we get to the hardcore vocals. The song is primarily a hard rock track for the most part with only a brief moment of hardcore!

“Guillotine” brings out the metalcore. The track reminds me of Convictions. Metalcore and hardcore sums this track up 100%. The breakdown in this song is to die for. The track is short but sick! I recommend this track for anyone who wants to mosh.

“Evil” begins with a classical piano and sounds like Linkin Park song (A Thousand Suns era). The song kicks into overtime after that however. The clean singing sounds like a mix between Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, while the uncleans sound like Call to Preserve (don’t quote me on that last one). There is a small industrial buildup to the breakdown.

“Remiss” is the next track on the album. The song reminds me of Convictions once again. There is no hardcore vox on this track but there is a great solo.

“Not My Home” starts off very digital. The song begins with some slow synth and then slow drums and such. The song brings a very Blessthefall sound, with cleans and the metalcore vibe, and another fantastic guitar solo. The song once again brings Three Days Grace to mind, except with a more uplifting message.

“Watch It Burn” begins where “Not My Home” ends. When the metal comes in, it hits hard. The song has the very hardcore drum beat, melodic metalcore guitars, and brutalizing vocals. The track isn’t as good “Guillotine” but is still pretty sick.

“The Seed and the Sower” is very slower and somber, with Impending Doom deathcore sounding rhythm guitars and War of Ages melodic leads and spoken word vocals.

“Stronger” starts off slow as well, but certainly not somber. The vocals are the highlight for me. The vocals slay on this track. The guitars bring the pain though for sure and the drums are incredible. There is a very industrial feel to this album the more it progresses. “Stronger” is definitely a strong track on this album.

“No Reason” begins with an acoustic guitar. The vocals and slow-ness sounds like a Three Days Grace song until the heavy music comes in, and then it sounds like Demon Hunter. The song is one of the heaviest on the album and the solo doesn’t hurt. As I’m sure you can tell, I really like solos!

“Keep Your Mouth Shut” starts off really strong. The beginning sounds like Alove for Enemies album Resistance. The track is metal all the way. The double-bass drums and the heavy, gritty guitars totally destroy. The track is another great one. The buildup to the solo is one of the best ones I’ve heard.

“There is Yet Hope” sounds like Immortal Souls mixed with Living Sacrifice Reborn era vocals and Disciple’s vocals. Melodic to say the least. The band brings it’s all on this track. The guitars bring the melody, while the drums bring the intensity of some of the best drummers ever.

“Unbroken” sounds like a heavy worship track…with violins! It’s more of a hard rock track. It sounds like one of the lighter Demon Hunter songs but still shows intensity with it’s awesome solos.

“Wages of Sin” marks the final track on the album. It starts off rather slow with muffled guitars in the background. The bass-drum begins to come in and then the song really kicks off. The song certainly brings old school metalcore back to mind. xDISCIPLEx A.D. right now is the only band I can think of that comes close to how the Vocalist sounds on his screams. The singing sounds like Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace. The buildup to what can only be a breakdown is incredible. The track was a great way to end the album.

They also have an infomercial for the album. I’m going to include it because it’s one of the most clever things I’ve seen a band do for their album.

The band brings an amazing performance for their debut album. I recommend getting this album if you haven’t already. There so many amazing songs on this album. Check it out and watch the infomercial above!

For fans of: Demon Hunter, Three Days, Grace, Living Sacrifice, Convictions

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