When We All Become Old

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So this really big festival called “When We Were Young” was about to kick off yesterday when some very unfortunate news blew through those seedy asphalt lined streets just like the strong desert wind – which unfortunately led to the cancellation of Day One. Tempers seemed to flare up online and hearts were broken not just from the emo but because of the absence of good live music that people from around the world traveled to see. So, with all this uncertainty many people began to throw out the inevitable “FYRE FEST” comparisons, much the same way some people tossed toward the rebooted Furnace Fest which as we all know went OFF with much fan love and support. The desert sun rose this crisp fall morning with little wind and the appearance that indeed, it was a new day! From the videos, stories, online chatter and the When We Were Young Fest official live segments on SiriusXM Alt Nation, I could tell this was indeed an incredible day. They pulled it off and even a doubter like me has been proven wrong. The fest is still going on and right now as of this typing, I’m listening to some live Jimmy Eat World on Alt Nation. If you have tickets to next weekend, you’re in for a treat. 2023 has already been booked with some pretty amazing acts. Anyone who is there, who has experienced this from the ground level, has tickets to next weekend, or even if you are going in 2023, let’s hear some comments.

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