What Do You Want to See More of From IVM?

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I would like to thank long time reader and supporter MrM for giving me an idea for a news post. I’d like to take a minute and ask you all some questions. Since the site re-launch in November 2016 the site has gone through somewhat of a transformation namely a indie label and also other features site wise. Yes, I know the “Album Release Database” has all but disappeared but we do have other elements to keep you interested (I hope). My question to all of you is, What do you want to see more of here at IVM? Would any of you like to see a return of the “Forums” as a way to engage each other in a fun alternative to the comments section? You know, by taking your conversations deeper and in a more meaningful manner. Are there any more elements you’d like to see more of or maybe a change of something to increase your interest? How do you all like the black background color? Is there anything you’d change about IVM? Thanks for the input and we hope you enjoy what you’ve seen so far. -Brandon

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I’ve always loved the compilations as well as the reviews. I know some reviews haven’t been listed yet (Norma Jean being the one I’m waiting for), but yeah, those are the main things I love.


I have been following IVM since around 2000, and love the site. I come here every Friday to get news on: #1. Updates on my old band favs (Stavesacre! Craig’s Brother! Dogwood! Blindside! Pax217!) #2. Highlighting music from exciting new and upcoming artists. Often, what I learn on IVM Friday informs my music soundtrack for the next seven days. Not all of us have Spotify (I’m a Amazon Music person, myself), so having playlists on a variety of platforms would keep me tuned in, and maybe even spotlight some of the bands I might not have chased down on my… Read more »


Good call out on the linking stuff. I dont use Spotify either, and it seems most of the band site links go to their FB these days, which I also dont use. If it could be changed or more added, Id be appreciative, but I realize Im probably in the minority when it comes to not using these platforms.

On the new release lists the only reason I link to Spotify is because that’s were I’m importing them from (it’s easier than typing every release out). On news posts I typically try and link to Apple Music, Spotify, and when available Bandcamp and/or physical medium. I might need to start including Amazon Music as well it sounds like.

Gotta agree on the Spotify thing. I don’t use it, so I can’t listen to anything through Indievision these days.

I’d like to see albums review, maybe new bands, and available free downloads!
But I’d like to thank you for this site, God bless you richly, and keep going.

Daniel J

I’d love to see more regular album review, and lists/polls where users can vote on and share their favorite music would be great. I do miss the forum, but if we can make the site more engaging and interactive for users it might not be necessary.

Zach F

I come every single week for Noah’s comprehensive breakdown of new music releases. This is the most important feature of IVM for me and I really appreciate the hard work that goes into it.


Thanks for the shout out Brandon! This has been a favourite site of mine for years, between the content and the community I’m always coming back. But I’ve missed the community lately, and I don’t want to lose either part of what has made IVM special to me.

Jordan Johnson

I have a hard time finding non christian music that doesn’t have explicit language in it. It would be awesome if you guys posted about more bands like that. This website introduced me to one of the most incredible independent bands: Numbers


This is one thing that sparked my idea for forums again, having an ongoing conversation about secular bands/songs with merit for the IVM readers would be something I would be interested in


I prefer the black background. I honestly don’t think anything different would be useful to me. I wouldn’t likely engage in forums. I really like being exposed to new bands, and new music from old bands.


I think forums would be great for the reasons you mentioned. The black background works for me, but Id be down for some experimentation if you wanna test some new ones (maybe do a site poll after testing your 3 fave or something). Speaking of polls. Polls would be sweet, could be music related but doesnt have to be. As for news, I’m not sure. Writers here are what i would subject matter experts/savants for music. I dont come to IVM for a politics (as a source anyway). So to see news being integrated from music writers and then not… Read more »


I think that politics touches on a really important point. One of the big problems that comment sections and forums have is that in lots of conversation, there’s a tendency to make it about opinionated arguments rather than focusing on what the article/review/music video/etc is actually about. I like that currently the comments here are focused

Daniel J


I’m happy to discuss culture, theology, philosophy or ethics if it’s relevant to the post/music and not a personal attack on anyone, but politics is just so decisive these days and a consuming vortex that distracts from anything meaningful.