UnoriginalVinyl & Tooth & Nail Records Join Forces to Press "Fluorescent Black" On Vinyl For the First Time

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In what seems like one of the most unlikeliest of all scenarios, well, it has somehow magically come to fruition. Unless I was caught up in some sort of unforeseen nightmare or tripped out from not having enough carbs on this KETO diet, or a lithium overdose, the very first pressing of “Fluorescent Black” by the darlings of punk-metal – Makeshift3, is a go. The beautifully handcrafted, time tested elements of this package will include the original album all freshly remixed by Tom Lord-Alge and mastered by Bob Ludwig. This punk-metal masterpiece will come in 2 variants that are being dubbed “Spam” and “Bot”, limited to just 10 copies worldwide (5 per variant). These 5 copies will be personally signed by a member of the band, and included in the handcrafted, titanium vinyl box that is a one of a kind item, complete with a “raised” laser etching showcasing the # of your variant and a sad face emoji etched across bottom right corner of cover. Finally, the entire titanium box will be anodized in brilliant pink (magenta) color. Included in the package will be an incredible array of limited left over stickers, promo shots, old CDs, Indie Vision Music stickers, a picture of that “I’m Your Biggest Fan Vol. 2” album cover, an old Blink-182 calendar, shards of Eric’s well played, sweat stained drum sticks, some pins with other band names, and even an old Psalty cassette tape. There is a special cleaned and crushed limited edition spam container that is actually embedded into a special clear polycarbonate plastic outer casing that holds the record and liner notes. Speaking of the records themselves. They will be pressed on 180g Vinyl Record made from one of a kind master lacquers with a rare form of 100% pure PVC that comes only from..yo momma’s house! These will be available in their store for a price of just, get this – price of shipping! I’ve been told that they will pay you to take it off their hands as it has generated zero pre-orders over the past decade or so. Just to make things special, the Postal Service Employee has been instructed to say 3 phrases in order for you to receive the package- “Hello?”, “Are You There?”, [enter your first name]? As long as you answer with your name and what band they sound like, the record is yours. Enjoy!

*Disclaimer- This is all fake news, for real. Everything said above in this article is a complete and utter fabrication. Indie Vision Music does not stand behind these words nor do we endorse them. The parties mentioned above have no prior knowledge of anything said in the article. Indie Vision Music shall be held blameless and not responsible except for the fact of endorsing “I’m Your Biggest Fan Vol. 2”. Oopsie.

A Very Happy April Fools to All Of You!

You Just Gotz Punkd by IVM yo!

Please do support UnoriginalVinyl as they make some of the absolute best vinyl packaging and products on the face of the earth. I own a lot of their releases and I am 100% happy. Same goes for those classics – Tooth & Nail Records. You can’t go wrong with a nearly 30 year old label that has influenced many generations of young folk including myself.

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