The Undiscovered Sound Plays IVM Artists, New Shows on Wednesdays

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This great indie radio show called “The Undiscovered Sound” has been playing some IVM artists since last year and now that IVM has increased the amount of releases, we’re getting more airplay. I am happy to report that both Must Build Jacuzzi and Light The Way had songs on last week’s show which you can listen to right here (archived). New episodes air every Wednesday at 6pm EST. More IVM artists will be played on this next week’s show so be sure to tune in and check it out. I would also like to report that IVM artists are charting on the Billboard Top Christian Rock charts for Radio Play. I would really like to thank Broken.FM for taking a chance on my bands and giving some of the artists a spin. All of you reading this please head on over to and request our songs. I hope you are enjoying these songs and definitely be on the lookout for even more new music from a couple of bands yet to be announced.

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