The Top 10 Christian Metal Drummers

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Sanctuary International has dubbed “The Top 10 Christian Metal Drummers of All Time” list which was voted on by their readers. Watch the video below and see some of these legendary musicians in action. Was your favorite drummer listed? Do you agree with the ranking?

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7 Comments on "The Top 10 Christian Metal Drummers"

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Pretty good ranking, especially since it’s based on votes. Usually that ends up just being drummers in popular bands.

Re: Twisted Into Form – you can listed to full album here. Good stuff.

Mark K

David Husvik is my favorite from the list. Technical with great feel. He always comes up with unique fills and percussive sections that introduce or carry the song through.

Great picks. Tons of others to mention but these were solid.

Jayson Sherlock and Lance Garvin!!! Finally!!!

I think Aaron Gillespie should have been on that list (unless…Underoath isn’t “metal” enough?) … putting that aside, I’m glad David Husvik was mentioned! I’ve read that he didn’t even play with a metronome for “Undeceived” – wow!


You are right about Aaron he should be on this list too. Meant to mention him too, but forgot. Glad you brought him up.

Steve young

The main man jinn chaffin made the list


Kind of bummed to see that Lee Humerian didn’t get a nod in this. Also, Did Jordan Mancino get snubbed because of one band members poor life choices? Other than that the list is solid and Ted is right where he belongs.