Third Day Is Saying "Farewell"

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While I know we don’t cover a lot of what are referred to as “CCM” artists, I’ve never really considered Third Day such. They’ve always just been rock to me and were one of the bands I really got into in Christian music. I still love those guys, especially their albums up until around “Come Together” and maybe an album or two after. So, it’s with a heavy heart, I post about the band packing it in. Farewell guys and thanks for the great music over the years.


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3 Comments on "Third Day Is Saying "Farewell""

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Weird…I left a comment here, but it seems to have vanished.

All gud things must end. Anotha great suthern rok band down. Wel sed “rob j”, howeva, ther wer plenty of gud albums afta “come 2getha”.

Daniel J
Completely agree Rob. Third Day was one of my favourite bands back in the late 90s (along with Switchfoot) when I was just starting to get into Christian music as a teen, and I have continued to follow them through the years. I wish them well for the future, and thank them for the message they left us. A few years ago I got to see them live in Perth, with Needtobreathe. Both bands where excellent. Needtobreathe sounded incredible live and are great showmen, but what stuck with me most was when Third Day came on, it went from being… Read more »