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March 2, 2018

Third Day Is Saying "Farewell"

While I know we don’t cover a lot of what are referred to as “CCM” artists, I’ve never really considered Third Day such. They’ve always just been rock to me and were one of the bands I really got into in Christian music. I still love those guys, especially their albums up until around “Come Together” and maybe an album or two after. So, it’s with a heavy heart, I post about the band packing it in. Farewell guys and thanks for the great music over the years.… Continued →

November 4, 2016

Luke Renno (Crimson Thorn) Joins Taking the Head of Goliath

Luke Renno, one of the founders of UnDead Metal (I’m going to make it a thing one day) band Crimson Thorn, has recently joined a new band, called Taking the Head of Goliath. Renno formed Crimson Thorn in 1991 with Guitarist Miles Sunde, Bassist Dylan Jennigis, and Drummer Dave Quast. Throughout the years, the only original members that remained throughout Crimson Thorn’s initial existence were Renno and Sunde. Crimson Thorn has been inactive since 2008 or so. On October 20, 2016, Taking the Head of Goliath announced that Renno joined the band as their Bassist/Vocalist.… Continued →