The Julies Release Brand New Song Titled "Symmetry"

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The Julies are back in a big way this year. They’ve had a couple prior (old) albums repackaged and released on Vinyl for the first time by Lost In Ohio and now they come back with a brand new song titled “Symmetry” which is quite frankly the best I’ve ever heard from them or any likeminded band for that matter. I hate using all the genre specific classifications when describing songs such as this because honestly, this band goes above and beyond to bring you music which rides a wave of uniquely, “Julies” music but terms like “shoegaze”, “indie pop rock”, “Dream pop”, etc could easily be applied to this then twisted around and around with the beautiful color hues projecting outwards. I feel like June is really getting me this year with the wide range of quality and variety offered through a bunch of really cool artists. I’m guessing the rest of summer and fall will be held to this same regard. Give The Julies a listen below and make sure to stream/download the heck out of this song. Find out more about their prior releases right here.

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