The Case For Heaven Film Premieres April 4th, 5th, & 6th

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You may have heard about this special documentary film called “The Case For Heaven” which is based off the book of the same title by the great Lee Strobel. If you haven’t heard about the film, check out the trailer below. It is playing in theaters nationwide beginning on April 4th, 5th, and 6th and tickets are on sale now. This special film was directed by Mani Sandoval and Executive Produced by his brother, Gil Sandoval. If those names don’t ring a bell, well you may have blinked and missed one of the great up and coming indie bands, Safe Haven, that both of those gentlemen were a part of. We reviewed 3 of their releases and I even put them on Hearts Bleed Passion 3 back in 2007. Great band and I hear there is even whispers of new music in the works! The Case For Heaven features a bunch of recognizable faces and figures both inside of Christian circles and on the outside. Differing viewpoints and perspectives. Watch the trailer and see who you recognize.

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Tom Ato
Tom Ato
March 21, 2022 1:04 pm

looks interesting. definitely checking this out

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