The Case For Heaven and the Story of an Immigrant Family Meant for Bigger Things

I’ve been moved lately to share this film (The Case for Heaven) and especially the story being told from the Sandoval brothers. In case you weren’t familiar, Gil and Mani were both founding members of a band called “Safe Haven“, years ago. They have had some songs on various Indie Vision Music compilations, and I had that special connection to their music. In fact some of their music will make it into this film. It has been years, but I believe I even saw them live with Olivia the band back in the day at Azuza.… Continued →

The Case For Heaven Film Premieres April 4th, 5th, & 6th

You may have heard about this special documentary film called “The Case For Heaven” which is based off the book of the same title by the great Lee Strobel. If you haven’t heard about the film, check out the trailer below. It is playing in theaters nationwide beginning on April 4th, 5th, and 6th and tickets are on sale now. This special film was directed by Mani Sandoval and Executive Produced by his brother, Gil Sandoval. If those names don’t ring a bell, well you may have blinked and missed one of the great up and coming indie bands, Safe Haven, that both of those gentlemen were a part of.… Continued →

New Music: March 18, 2022

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Instrumental & Other
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New Releases: October 4, 2019

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New Releases: February 28, 2020

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The Best of 2007: Indie Hits You Might Have Missed

2007 was definitely a strong year for music. As much as I enjoyed some of the more popular releases of the year, the lesser known albums certainly held a place in my heart. The albums listed below are a mix of independent, underground, and mostly over looked releases from the year 2007. Feel free to dissect and discuss below in the comments. Oh and I left off 2 important 2007 honorary IVM releases because that would be self-promotion am I right? Quick and the Dead “Going Home“, and “Hearts Bleed Passion Vol.Continued →

INTERVIEW : Come and Rest

Chances are you might not have heard of Come and Rest. The metalcore group out of Atlanta, GA, recently released a new EP called Blacklist. This stuff is hard-hitting with dark melodies and a tone to match. Frontman Noel Alejandro was kind enough to chat with me over the phone to discuss the thought process behind their second independent release. Discover more about Come and Rest by checking out their Youtube page and enjoy the interview below. IVM: This is Vince and I’m so glad to be joined today by Come & Rest.Continued →

REVIEW : Sanctus Real - Run

Sanctus Real releases their much anticipated 2013 album release 'Run', out February, three years after their critically acclaimed album 'Pieces of a Real Heart'. Here is the review of the album featuring hit singles 'Promises' and 'Run'.

REVIEW : Safe Haven - Setting Up and Tearing Down

Artist: Safe Haven Album: Setting Up and Tearing Down Reviewer: Tyler Hess Are you ever tired of the artsy-fartsy side of music? I’m pretty sure that some good ole’ pop-punk made the way it should be just might be what you need. Setting Up and Tearing Down may be a little over a year old, but it is much under appreciated without the backing needed to get this out to as many people as would like this album. Safe Haven could probably use a little bit more creativity in their lyrics, maybe even in their musicianship, but if you want some straight forward lyrics that are both relatable and encouraging, then this is the CD for you.… Continued →

REVIEW : To Tell - So Much More

Once upon a time, a young man from London (Canada, not UK) wrote an album of love to his soulmate. This is my interpretation of that story.