The Blamed Re-Recording Landmark Debut Record, "21"

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Legendary masters of punk-thrash-metal – The Blamed, are going to re-record their landmark, classic album from 1994 called “21”. This debut was really great back when I first heard it and reminded me why I love/loved punk rock. It was like a garage-y, underground sounding album that evoked immediate love for the live experience and sweat drenched, basement worthy punk shows. Even though many of us didn’t venture into that scene as much as others, just hearing a record like this brought to mind what it must have been like. “21” was great, “Frail” was even better, “Again”, “Forever”, “Isolated Incident”, “Give Us Barrabas”, and 2 years ago the album “The Church Is Hurting People”, reminded fans of the staying power this band has had for nearly 30 years. It’s weird saying almost 3 decades but this band brings the goods so it doesn’t really matter. Besides, age is just a number. Watch behind the scenes footage of the band playing the classic track “3 AM” via Facebook.

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