The Agony Scene Working on a New EP

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Do you remember The Agony Scene? Signed originally with Solid State Records, many people thought of them as a Christian metal band. Which originally they were. They dropped that label and then signed to Century Media and later on Roadrunner. Anyways, the band broke up in 2008, but reunited in 2013. Since 2013, the band played a few shows in 2014 with Living Sacrifice, and Project 86. The band recently has put out a statement stating they are working on a new EP, their first release since Get Damned (what a title) in 2007. The band has not given an update since August 10, most likely working on the EP when they can. Keep an eye out for this EP and for more info on their Facebook.

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Great Band!
Thank god there is nothing such as “christian” music.
thx Brandon for the news!


Definitely not a Christian band after their Get Damned album. Great musicians, I’ve had all of their albums. Not sure how I feel if they’re IVM qualified but I like them and their music.


Looking forward to this.