Song of the Day: The Lonely Now - Original Intentions

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Wonderfully noisy, and delightfully obscure, The Lonely Now only released 3 full-length recordings in their short career:

Captive, 1986, Narrowpath Records (cassette only)
Original Intention, 1987, Narrowpath Records (cassette, LP)
Honest Tear, 1990, Narrowpath/Refuge (cassette only)

While all of their releases are somewhat difficult to obtain, ironically their final album–the only one with national distribution through Refuge–is the most difficult. It was released through the same agreement as debuts by The Crucified, Breakfast with Amy, and The Swoon. In fact, founding member Greg Sostrom (AKA Greg Strange) was the owner of Narrowpath Records.

Our featured track comes from the sophomore effort, and features a cool blend of post-punk and 80s goth rock. Just listen to the noisy guitar solo starting at 2:33!

Greg later released two quirky alternative/synth-pop albums for Ocean Records under the Greg Strange moniker. He now releases music with his sons as Dreams and Visions, where he focuses on singing through scripture. Bassist Phil Watson and drummer Kevin Reimer both later played with roots rock band 9 Red Roses, which included future members of the widely-hailed Dimestore Prophets.

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