Song of The Day: Teddy At Night - Blueberry Water

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My song for the day is from a newer indie-pop artist by the name of Teddy At Night. Teddy (Boldt) played drums for bands like Wavorly, Family Force 5, and more recently For King & Country, as well as many others. On his first solo endeavor as singer/songwriter, his songs take on more of a pop sheen, sprinkled with a heavy dose of 80’s like synth driven new wave. These are songs for the broken-hearted, the lovers, and the seekers. These beautifully composed pop inspired takes are interwoven with a certain level of professionalism mixed with Teddy’s unforgettable vocal delivery. For a new artist, these songs hit me like a rocket to the chest and I suddenly forget I’m not listening to a well seasoned artist, years into his career and albums worth of relationship blues. He has 4 new songs that are all currently “singles” on digital platforms, the newest being “Blueberry Water”. I don’t mean to date myself but I am feeling a heavy dose of Peter Gabriel, U2, and David Bowie here mixed with modern day synth driven pop. Maybe even a little bit of Brandon Flowers and The Killers, Shiny Toy Guns, The 1975, etc. It’s a really beautiful concoction and one I think you’re all going to want to keep your eyes on in the years ahead. I am also biased because Teddy’s Dad used to bring him to a lot of my concerts and ones we would attend on our own, back in the day. Early part of IVM history when he was a young little kid. There you go, that’s my connection.

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