Song of the Day: Good Saint Nathanael - Making Repairs

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Good Saint Nathanael is the alter-ego of Nate Allen (Destroy Nate Allen). Whereas DNA was quirky and sometimes frantic acoustic punk, the saintly version is subdued, still quirky, but much more poignant indie folk. Last year’s Hide No Truth was filled with ardent reflections on life, God’s grace, and themes of spiritual abuse and the need for healing. While the video for “Making Repairs” was filmed last spring, it was only released last week. And it couldn’t be more timely. Many of us are slowing down, taking stock, re-examining our lives in light of quarantine and disease. While nothing about Covid 19 is good, we have a creative God who is able to make good come out of bad. Here’s hoping (and praying) that we can all let him make some repairs in our hearts, our lives, and our world.

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