Skillet File Restraining Order Against Fan For Threatening Band

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World renown rock band – Skillet, have filed a restraining order against a mentally ill fan who left a very disturbing letter at one of their concerts last fall. Read below for details on the the documents filed in court and a little background on the threats. No matter the size of band, genre they play, causes they back, or in this case, Faith they hold dear, mental illness is a real thing and delusions from chasing after those in the fame spotlight can sometimes be devastating.

Skillet’s attorney Eric Lindell of Redmond didn’t return messages seeking comment, but the documents he’s filed in Chelan County District Court say over the last two years, the 28-year-old woman has expressed desires to commit a mass shooting at a Skillet concert.

She allegedly followed the band to concerts and public appearances around the country, and last March delivered a disturbing note in person to a member of the band’s crew. A police report says that same month, she sneaked into a Skillet concert in Saginaw, Michigan, after her ticket was revoked over security concerns.As reported by

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Phil metalhed
Phil metalhed
January 24, 2020 12:14 am

Wierd. 1. How is this not a criminal “terorist thret”, no mata da mental state of a person? Makes no sense, esp if they know da personal info of da psyco woman. U cant just go around thretenin 2 kil people. 2. Da fact dat she was able 2 “sneak into a show without a tiket” is sikenin, esp afta all da concert incidents/ kilins wev had ova da years, dimebag darel, cristina grimi, etc.. “Security” at concerts is stil a joke.

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