Seeker and Servant - Do You Hear Me (Official New Song Stream)

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Seeker and Servant are dropping their new song “Do You Hear Me” with string accompaniment which you can hear right now by clicking below. The song will appear on the group’s new release “The String Club” which is out this Friday digitally through iTunes and Bandcamp. The String club is a compilation of songs from each of our previous releases, but done solely with string accompaniment. It adds new light to the songs and creates a whole new worship experience for the listener.

I need my eyes opened
I need to see my condition
I need to know that you’re listening
To know that this is real

I need your truth right now
Without it I don’t know how
I could ever know that
Know that this is real

//Do you hear me
Do you hear me//

I need my heart broken
I need to feel the conviction
I need my soul awakened
To know that I need You

I need a heart that’s repentant
Without it there’s no difference
Will I ever know that
Know that I need You

//Do you hear me
Do you hear me//

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