Rottweiler Records Announces 3rd New Band: Taking the Head of Goliath

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Yes, the final band has been announced! Taking the Head of Goliath is the new band signed to Rottweiler Records. The band started in 2015 and has hit some popularity recently. The band played their first show on one of For Today’s final shows. The band has a new Live EP titled Beyond Brutal Live. The band is also best known for, or how most heard about them, was Luke Renno joining the band. Luke Renno is the founding member of Crimson Thorn. The Rottweiler releases this year are ones to pay attention to.

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Mark K
Mark K
February 19, 2017 9:26 am

I listened to that live video they posted from YouTube a load of times. Amazing! This will be the band of the three i’ll buy material from.

Crimson Thorn reissues are coming soon too.

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