Pennylane 2017 Remaster Coming Soon + Tape Release

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I have decided to revisit the much adored IVM Release from Pennylane titled “From Paradise to Parking Lots“. Seth Stephen of Simpul Studio is working on a digital remaster of the original files (before it was mastered for CD release back in 2004). This 6 track 2017 remaster will go live in September sometime. I am decided to cut the 3 “Live” tracks from this remaster and just have the original studio files as they were intended to be heard. I am also going to get new artwork designed for the album cover and possible limited tape release of this Ep, the first physical print of this Ep since the 2004 (out of print) CD. So get ready to bring back all those warm fuzzy nostalgic feelings of the early 00’s and rediscover this Hawaii based band once again.

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