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[Update]: Ok, this should be the last update in regards to the new features and “GIPHY” integration. I have fixed it so everyone who comments will be able to post a GIF. Remember, 1st comment on IVM always has to be approved for user before comment goes live. [End of Update] Messed around a little on the site today and added some new features. You can now use “GIF” clips when making a comment on a particular post. Just scroll to the bottom where comment box is and click the little color box all the way to right called “GIPHY”, then select your favorite one, insert code (automatically selected) and hit “post comment”. Some other improvements have been made and correction made to main menu at top. I will figure out a way to delete “subscribe to newsletter” link (that’s the next step). Speaking of newsletter, I have decided to discontinue its use. I have passed the newsletter list to Paul at Small Step Records and you are free to subscribe to his record label/band list when you get the message. I just didn’t feel like continuing to pay for a newsletter list to send mass messages to 3,700 friends and readers when we don’t have a whole lot of IVM specific news to share. We do have a growing (54 people strong) SMS Text List that you can sign up for which is powered by SimpleTexting. It’s a pretty cool set up and allows IVM to send instant text messages to any and all who sign up. No charge and we won’t sell your info to anyone. IVM label is dead by the way in case anyone was wondering. We aren’t signing bands and no new releases will come out. No re-releases either. Make sure to follow the fine folks at Small Step Records who are accomplishing big things and will no doubt share music that I love (and I am sure you will too).

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Dwayne D. Bath-Tubb
Dwayne D. Bath-Tubb
April 10, 2022 11:27 am

maybe i’m just not that good with technology (possible) but i’m not seeing where u can upload giphy comments. i see where to put in jpegs, but not gifs.

i tried in chrome and firefox…

Dwayne D. Bath-Tubb
Dwayne D. Bath-Tubb
April 10, 2022 12:58 pm
Reply to  Brandon J.

still not seeing it, maybe because im using a private window? sometimes that can throw things like this off…

Dwayne D. Bath-Tubb
Dwayne D. Bath-Tubb
April 11, 2022 10:44 am

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