Nate Parrish Operates on the Soul

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Nate Parrish will be conducting one enormous punk rock surgical procedure on the soul and it takes place April 8th 2022 in front of a LIVE studio audience! Ok, that last part was made up but Nate is dropping his 2nd full length record called “Soul Surgery” on April 8th. It will be jam packed with musically addictive, spiritually challenging, and emotionally convicting music that will win fans over across the world if they’ll just wade into the Nate Parrish punk rock pond! That kinda sounded weird didn’t it? Anyway, you absolutely don’t want to miss out on “Soul Surgery”, I hear it’s a bloody good time and you’ll be stitched up as soon as it’s over. Grab a band aid, some good headphones and if you’re young – a skateboard. If you’re old, grab a rake and push those kids off your lawn while rocking the Hawaiian shirt, flip flops, and pushing your baby stroller through crowded suburban streets. Please don’t strain those muscles too hard while circle pitting in your bedroom. Nate Parrish “Soul Surgery”, coming at you on April 8th 2022. Pre-order now and get it before release date.

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