My Epic - Make Believe (New Song + Music Video)

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We are getting so close to the release of the new My Epic album and this is the 3rd song from that new album, “Loriella”, due out June 28th on Tooth & Nail Records. Check out this new song titled “Make Believe” below this post. The song takes on a decidedly more chill, electronic infused vibe not all that far in sound from say The Postal Service, Unwed Sailor, even some Band of Horses. You can find the lyrics to the song over on this YouTube page that the song appears on. Now after the release of these 3 new songs of which they are all slightly different from each other but still consisting of a certain theme, what do you think of the sound? Are you excited for this album. If you read through all my posts and barrage of stories on both the IVM account and my personal one, then you know how incredibly excited I am for this new record. It’s.almost.time.

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June 13, 2024 8:20 pm

I wholeheartedly want to listen to this track, but I think I am going to hold out until the full album drops. The last 2 tracks were great, and I am confident that this one will be no different. I can do this… Just a little while longer! lol

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