Morella's Forest Super Deluxe Vinyl Re-Release Shipping in November

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All you early Tooth & Nail and indie rock fans who were alive in that thriving musical era of the 90’s, will be stoked to hear that Morella’s Forest debut album “Super Deluxe” is getting the vinyl treatment and available in two different beautiful color variants. You can buy the vinyl release through Lost In Ohio right here. These ship in November. This label has put out quite a few amazing re-releases including Fluffy and Sixpence None The Richer among several others. I’m holding out hope that some other 90’s era indie releases will get the vinyl treatment as well. What are your must have titles you want on vinyl? Oh the 90’s, back when “Alternative” referred a segment of music, and GenX ruled the streets. You Millennials and GenZ people can keep asking us questions and help us live out our nostalgia in real time. MTV was a channel that played music videos, I promise.

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