Light The Way "Long Story Short" Out Now and Tour With Makeshift3 This Summer

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Light The Way have just dropped their most insane set of songs thus far and a magical collection of new tracks that will get just about any punk lover fired up. You can stream the album now through all digital networks or pick it up on CD right here. Small Step Records is on a roll so make sure to support them. The band have announced a special “Desert Tour” with Makeshift3 this summer. It’s guaranteed to get HOT. Dates below.

Light The Way w/ Makeshift3 “Desert Tour”

July 1st – Randsburg, California (Definitely not a ghost town)
July 2nd – Death Valley, California, (In a former lake)
July 3rd – That Zzyzzx Road Offramp, California (Show goes on dusk so grab your lawn chairs and don’t leave out too much food for the coyotes)
July 4th – Barstow Outlets, California (Eat some tasty fast food and shop at what remains of the outlets. Celebrate explosive Fourth of July Fireworks as Makeshift3’s drummer’s sticks literally catch on fire)
July 5th – Cafe with a Thermometer, Baker, California (You can’t go wrong with a little Cafe that sits in the middle of nowhere that happens to have a cool big old thermometer on top)
July 6th – Peggy Sue’s Diner, Yermo, California (Party it up and if Eric causes too much trouble, just tell the legit Airforce guys to take care of him)
July 7th – Calico Ghost Town, Yermo, California (Once you finish eating at Peggy Sue’s, make your way over to a real ghost town, like an actual one)
July 8th – Circus, Circus, Las Vegas, Nevada (The tour concludes at Circus, Circus so as Makeshift3 begins to warm up, you can take off and get lost in the sea of clowns before an actual one catches up).

*Disclaimer: IVM does not condone the mistreatment, abuse, or neglect for the band Makeshift3. This post is all in good fun and although Brandon J. (Writer of this article) may find particular distaste for the Makeshift3, you will not be faulted for your own (misguided) judgement for song enjoyment. Happy April Fools!

Please check out Light The Way and support their new album!

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Marco Leal
April 1, 2022 11:30 am

Just downloaded it this morning and am enjoying it immensely!!! One of my favorite tracks so far is “They will let you down”. It’s a shift from how Light the Way typically write, but has an acoustic pop punk feel ala Nofx when they’d write their more chill songs.

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