Laura McElroy (Comrades) Does Some Solo Dates

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Laura McElroy who is one-half of the songwriting team of Post-Hardcore/Indie band Comrades (Facedown Records), has announced some “solo” dates under her own name. This singer-songwriter has released a couple of demos right here on bandcamp and will hopefully work on a ep or full length at some point (yes please). Catch her at Audiofeed Festival this summer!

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2 Comments on "Laura McElroy (Comrades) Does Some Solo Dates"

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Intrestin. 1, I neva knew she had any solo stuf, but it makes sense 2 me. 2. I wonda y she moved 2 col+ how duz this afect the band?

Austin Garrett

I’ve seen Comrades live a couple times, and Laura was selling a few DIY EPs at both shows. The CDs were each wrapped in a paper bag with a unique photo she had taken on the cover serving as album art.