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I am ready to unveil the 6th and final tape release on 2017 to close out the year and it is…..Mainframe “Self Titled Ep”. Get it on a sweet clear tint cassette tape right here from the Indie Vision Music online store for only $5! There is a ton of merch in that store marked down to low prices including $8 ts, $10 cassette bundles, CDs, and more. All merch in the IVM Storenvy store is shipped by me to customers around the world. The fullfillment in my store is not handled by a third party. I do all shipping myself! I’ve got tons of merchandise just sitting here collecting dust so consider placing an order today 🙂 Click below for more exciting info regarding IVM releases…..

Indie Vision Music (IVM) is excited about a few upcoming releases as well as a special Teeblaster campaign for a cool new IVM Shirt never before seen (click here).

I will be releasing the the full length by Must Build Jacuzzi titled “Last Place” in February 2018. I know December was previously mentioned as a release date but in order to give the band a little extra time to perfect their songs, I am waiting to release a really solid final product in February. A new single will drop very soon that will lead into their full length.

Mainframe are currently working on a follow up ep which will include a special cover of a classic Value Pac song from the past. Release date is uncertain but it’ll most likely be in early 2018. This will be a digital release unless enough interest is in physical copies.

Fire The Sun, a melodic hardcore band from Southern California, will release their brand new ep in early 2018. A new single will be dropping soon that will lead up to the release.
I Still Dream will release a new single titled “Eternia” through IVM in the near future, so stay tuned.

There are a couple other top secret releases so stay tuned in the coming months for more details.

If you have read this far and have a question regarding the secrecy of Mainframe, let me share with you. Mainframe is a melodic punk group from the far east. Country cannot be revealed nor the musician full names. They are involved in secret work in this country that has to do with sharing the gospel, ministry. This music stuff is just a side project to their real mission which is sharing the Truth with the lost, broken, and wounded. This sort of work in this part of the world is against the law. That is all I can say. I hope you enjoy the music and will continue supporting Mainframe.

Thanks to DBD Tapes for putting out these incredible IVM Tape Releases throughout 2017!

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