Introducing: Not Beneath

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You need to check out this amazing band called Not Beneath from Ohio featuring ex-members of Narcissus, Outcry, North Meadow Park, and Vessel. Complex, technical, heartfelt and spiritual heavy metal. This is a band you absolutely need to give a listen to. Check out their debut full length “memento mori” below (or right here on bandcamp). If you are into early Becoming The Archetype you’ll love this. Thanks Marco for the recommendation!

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5 Comments on "Introducing: Not Beneath"

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Nice!! Great bta comparison+ this came outa nower 4 me. I always wonderd wat eva happend 2 Narcissus, Outcry+ Vessel. Next best thing 2 getin those bands 2getha.


Really liking this too

For sure, bro! Seriously though, how good is this?!