Introducing: Mahalath (Industrial Metal)

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I’d like to take a moment and introduce our readers to this cool new industrial/electronic/rock project known as Mahalath. The project features dark sounds and industrial like moodiness running through with fists in the air like urgency. Making one think isn’t always at the forefront of some artists in the music scene but Joel Holycross (Mayfly) and this new project is certainly a different take on substance in music. Read more below and listen to the first song “The Proxy”.

Mahalath is a vision, and a revisit to the mid 90’s where electronic, and industrial seemed to do just fine in the movies. As a 13 year old kid with little access to his own music I was very happy to discover sounds from bands such as: Gravity Kills, Fear Factory, Pitchshifter, KMFDM, and the list goes on.

Ironically enough after begging the parents enough to rent Mortal Kombat The movie, they finally conceded. It was shortly after a couple years that the soundtrack was received as a Christmas gift. My love for a few of the aforementioned bands grew and the fondness for lush electronic sounds as well.

After brief regional success with Mayfly (which I am still proud of) and still managing/partnering with Poetic Descent who also is still doing good, I have finally found the time and ability to create…

This is what I enjoy. This will hopefully help. This is personal. This just might even be good art. This will be shared. This is Mahalath…


I’ll take it to the underground/ Let us show up wherever we may/ Digging and sifting through the dirt/ It’s all tainted with the hurt/ Laying around trying to make a statement/ From Ground Zero to shifting blame/ This sets quite the precedent…


So nail the martyr to the cross made of TV screens/ spew self righteous ignorance and disease/ The speech is made otherworldly/ Just go ahead/ And stroke the master’s alter ego…

They want to hollow out the insides, and plant different kinds of seeds. No guts just feelings. It looks like they’re almost arrived. Stuffing their greedy hands in the puppets, with hands that don’t even bleed…

The Proxy (lockdown mix) available for stream and free download now via my project Mahalath:

// Mahalath-noise //

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