Introducing: Army of Bones

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This is one of the most talented new indie acts to grace our scene in recent memory. The band is called Army of Bones and the band features former Delirious vocalist/guitarist Martin Smith. The band just released their self titled debut on March 3rd and I think these guys definitely deserve a minute of your time. You Spotify listeners can check out the album below.

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9 Comments on "Introducing: Army of Bones"

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Ben Parkin

I saw them live back in June and it was amazingly brilliant, support (Josh Gaunton and FUTUR I believe) were also great.

Love the style and the presentation! Sometimes bands cant pull off the suit look but their sound definitely fits with it. Cool stuff. will definitely crank this in the car.

John Amos

I used to love Deliriou5?, so I’m definitively gonna spend some more time with this one.

Brett Curry

Such a great album with a great sound! I have been a Martin Smith fan for a long time but he has never sounded like this. Good stuff!

Benji Kunz

I heard “Don’t Be Long” and I went on iTunes and just bought the thing. So good.


His voice reminds me of someone. I can’t……quite… it…….


It’s like a mix of Bono (U2) and Chris Martin (Coldplay).

Brian Goad

When I first heard Army of Bones on Star 88 FM, I could have sworn I was listening to Deliriou5. Just looked them up today when they came on the radio again and sure enough, that’s where I heard his voice before.

Bryce Walburn

Wow. There’s a lot to like here.