Insane News From Indie Vision Music

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Indie Vision Music is about to go wild. Read on for some insane news!

I am launching not just 1 PRE-ORDER, not just 2 PRE-ORDERS, but soon…. 3 PRE-ORDERS!

That’s right, you can currently pre-order the 3 volume CD set of “The Greatest Hits You’ve Never Heard” over on our bandcamp page here. I have eliminated shipping fees for this Greatest Hits collection because I felt it wasn’t fair since price was already at $20. Get the 3 CDs now (available in individual Digipack Lite packaging).

You can pre-order the awesome 8 song full album from Grandpa Loves Rhinos titled “Searching In The Sarchasm” right here in several different insane bundles.

Last and certainly not least, I will have pre-orders for Homeplate’s upcoming EP that is due on August 14th, available on bandcamp. Pre-orders will launch next week sometime. Will be available on CD, Vinyl, and with some other fun goodies.

Visit our bandcamp page here for all the fun and more.

Vol. 1 of “The Greatest Hits You’ve Never Heard” will be on digital networks early this week. It was supposed to be up last week but my digital provider wasn’t happy with the artwork so we had to create a new cover. Enjoy!

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