Huntingtons Launch New Album Pre-Order, Release Date on January 31st 2020

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Have you heard? Huntingtons are back? I certainly can’t tell you to Get Lost well unless of course you got some nasty plastic surgery. Well yeah, it may be all Fun and Games but seriously, these aren’t songs in the key of you, this is High School Rock n Roll! Live like it’s your Sweet Sixteen and don’t forget to File Under Ramones. Ok I’ll stop right there, pre-order the album in several different formats right here. These rambunctious group of (aging) punk rockers is here to win you over and will release a most epic full length album to end all world wars, stop poverty, solve homelessness, Feed the hungry, and solve the mystery of how this band can outlast all the peers and still produce some of the most insanely catchy punk rock around. Their longevity and skill is enough to make the most youngest of bands drool. Billie Eilish? We ain’t got no time for that, there’s a pool party tonight! (*I can’t be responsible for any declarations posted above about solving crisises relating to our current socio-political state through the music of punk rock. It’s joke, haven’t you heard?)

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