Huntingtons Bring "Get Lost" to Vinyl and Tape

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Sexy Baby Records and the band, Huntingtons, are bringing the classic 1999 album – “Get Lost”, to vinyl and tape once again. The Ramones-esque album was an instant classic and further cemented their place in our hearts, minds, and music players back in the day. Led by the hit single “No Pool Party Tonight”, the album blazed through song after song of pure punk rock glory and didn’t let up for a second. I loved their T&N contributions but the band has a vast discography going all the way back to 1995 (and an album that dropped last year in case you missed it). So what you want to do is click this link right here and buy “Get Lost” on Vinyl and/or Tape while supplies last. The label also has a tape version of their 1998 album, “High School Rock”. In addition to this very awesome Huntingtons news story, I would like to bring you news about the upcoming “Back To Ramonia” Ramones covers album dropping this year. It is newly re-recorded version of the first Back to Ramonia and will be available on Vinyl/CD through Burnt Toast Vinyl. Check out the video teaser below.

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