Homeplate Goes Hard, No really they do!

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I’ve heard a pre-release, unmastered copy of the new Homeplate album and it GOES HARD! I wasn’t expecting this but I do love it and can’t wait till all our IVM friends stumble upon it. Even though this isn’t an IVM release, I can’t help but sing it’s many praises and send a little promotion their way. This is a more grown up Homeplate and a more heavy sounding album both from a production standpoint and their musicianship in general. It reminds me of “Chuck” era Sum 41 (and the latest album) meets Strung Out meets Four Year Strong meets old AFI with a little modern hardcore thrown in for good measure. This is rising up high on my most anticipated releases of 2024 alongside Nate Parrish, Names Without Numbers, Slick Shoes, and some more I’m keeping my eyes open for. Speaking of most anticipated, there can’t be a solid 2024 lineup without a little My Epic, Light The Way, Everything in Slow Motion, Grandpa Loves Rhinos, etc. You know what I mean and you know what you have to do!

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