Hands - The Sounds of Earth (Playlist)

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The band Hands first formed back in 2007, releasing a couple of “Demos” of which I was a strong supporter of. Their songs even appeared on a few of our early digital compilations. I followed Shane and his band’s work closely over the years following their formation from their first independent release, “The Everlasting Ep” (2008), to the incredible full length debut “The Sounds of Earth” (Oort Records/2009) to “Creator” (Facedown Records), “Give Me Rest” (Facedown Records” and finally after a much deserved break, their comeback single “New Heaven / New Earth” (2017/Facedown Records). I’ve always loved their music and it’s ambient post-metal vibe. I am sure they draw from a string of influences but there is just something uniquely individual about each of their recorded efforts. Today I am bringing you a IVM “Playlist” through our site of the much overlooked (and out of print) album “The Sounds of Earth”. Check it out below and draw your own inspiration from the concept record. The music and lyrics are especially comforting during my current mental health issues I’ve been experiencing the past week. There is just something powerful and uplifting in these songs. That is all, enjoy the rest of your day. Peace.

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Mark K
Mark K
February 10, 2017 3:11 pm

I really enjoy this album. The last four tracks together are amazing! The album gets stronger as it goes for me. For me, coming from the secular metal scene and loving Doom Death like early Anathema, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Mourning Beloveth, etc. Hands hits something in that same, fierce, crushing space that I always loved in. Shane’s near death metal vocals nail that same type of sound. There’s tension and brooding like those bands but the clean and atmospheric portion is uplifting rather than somber, filled with space and light rather than gloom. Hands was so refreshing for… Read more »

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