Grandpa Loves Rhinos Release "Gimme, Gimme" Tomorrow

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Grandpa Loves Rhinos are back with a brand new single titled “Gimme, Gimme”. The song will release at Midnight tonight through all digital networks and streaming sites. The track is an energetic pop-punk inspired jam full of those unforgettable hooks and melodies the band has become known for. The message is geared towards those that are obsessed with the material treasures in this lifetime and being consumed by them. You can find the single for sale on Bandcamp tonight and remember, all purchases made on IVM Bandcamp tomorrow will be without fees to bandcamp. This means if you order any digital release or Vinyl from our bandcamp store, all proceeds will go directly to Indie Vision Music which will give us the means to continue putting out new music in 2020. Consider chipping in to helping the cause and giving IVM another day to continue on. Lyrics to this song can be found below!

Grandpa Loves Rhinos – Gimme, Gimme

I need a brand new wagon, new clothes that i can brag in
whiskey to make me talk like Clint Eastwood
and i want something sweet, caffeine and nicotine
I want a golden goose and i want it right now
pterodactyl, mastodon, I want that sabertooth
cause I need the entire collection, triceratops, tyrannosaur
oh I want it all, I want the megazord

give me, give me, gimme, gimme, gimme everything
I need something to make me feel happy
that dose ran out, now i need something new in my routine
cause I’m addicted to dopamine

I want some recognition, a trophy just for living
make me an app that moves the straw straight to my mouth
I wanna watch one more season and take naps for no reason
I want a golden goose and I want it right now
earth and fire, wind and water, I want the heart
cause my world needs a captain planet
but I’m a hungry hungry hungry hippo, so feed me marbles ’til i choke

I’m gonna scroll down just one more page
I’m gonna turn off my phone just give me one more day
at least I’m not on hard drugs as well
I’m just addicted to everything else
I’m feeling better, I’ll be okay, I’m just kidding, give me everything

Facebook: @grandpalovesrhinos
Instagram: @glrband
Twitter: @gpalovesrhinos
All art by Brian Middleton of Colesmith Comics

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July 2, 2020 9:31 pm

Another great track! Love this band!

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