Get Entire Indie Vision Music Discography on Bandcamp for $2.50

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You heard that right. Get the entire IVM Discography on Bandcamp for just $2.50 till January 1st (90% off). Enjoy those crisp, cold winter nights listening to some incredible songs by a warm fire and reminisce on just what your youth felt like. These are times for dreamers to arise and fists to pump for rock n’ roll. Join the IVM revolution and get your tunes for the lowest of low prices. We want you to be happy this Christmas season and what better way than jamming some rad tunes to pass the boredom and avoid awkward family conversations. I don’t want to hear about Impeachment, I want my rock n’ roll with a little punk rock sandwiched between. As we near the Christmas time of year I just want to say that this holiday is more than Santa, more than a sneaky elf, more than commercialism and those cliche engagements. This is about a baby born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago to the Virgin Mary and Joseph in a simple barn. This baby would grow up to be our loving savior. God born into flesh that would redeem us of all our sins through his blood on the cross. Before you sip that egg nog and watch the flickering flames of the yule log, remember what we celebrate and why those wacky Christians get so worked up around the month of December. I’m proud to be a wacky Christian and yeah, Egg nog is nice to sip, kinda like Baby Yoda and the bone broth 😉 If we don’t talk again till the new year, Merry Christmas to you and yours this season. God bless all of you and may your holiday be as grand as a Hallmark Movie Spectacle. Well probably not that way but you know what I mean. Ok, boomer.

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Bill G.
Bill G.
December 19, 2019 11:38 pm

I’m going to take advantage of your gift. I appreciate all the tunes you put out Brandon, not because it’s mostly free, but because it’s just some great music. Have a Merry Christmas, thanks and God bless.

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