Furnace Fest Band Reunions FINAL Round Up, 2023

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In honor of the greatness of a Festival that brings much joy to so many, I’m compiling a short longer list of recent band reunions announced for Furnace Fest 2023. This Fest has had a tumultuous past couple of years in light of the horrors and inconveniences Covid has brought to so many and yet they’ve persevered to cobble together an insane experience with an ongoing commitment to quality and fan adoration. While I haven’t been able to attend in either the past or more recently, I’m there in spirit. My younger, skinnier, and more naive “Avatar” is prepared to walk those grounds with me behind my PC, watching from a distance. A hardcore punk SIMS game sounds wickedly fun that’ll put you right in the middle of the fest but like with Wi-Fi and chip pieces smeared all over the chest and sort of that grease stained pair of glassed slipping down the nose while observing from afar. The honest truth is that I’ll probably never go due to personal things here at home in Orange County, California that anchors me to the dirt, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying all the instagram clips both from the bands and Furnace Fest themselves, and by living through the eyes of some IVM friends and people I’ve met over the years. Their enthusiasm fuels my nostalgia drive. So with that said, let’s list the IVM inspired reunion announcements below for 2023 and then you can discuss your excitement, what songs you want to hear, and a desire to see more reunions of certain bands in the comments below. *The list is not in any particular order and is meant primarily to serve our audience with some gratifying content to hype the soul and drive up the enthusiasm.

1. Ghoti Hook

The men of Ghoti Hook are shaking off the dust of their retirement and playing a festival date for the first time in over 20 years and as a full band again. I hope someone records this appearance and can put out an actual GOOD live performance on Vinyl. I’d love to hear those classic songs with modern instruments and production. I’ve always loved the band and Joel’s vocals go beyond the typical boring standards of “some” pop-punk out there. Ghoti Hook always strived to do something different in the scene not only musically and vocally but also lyrically and on stage. I hope they’ve all found peace and can reunite with a newfound fervor with the light in their chests burning bright. Ghoti Hook will rise once again!!! (I’m not sure if I hear the angelic “rise up” voice in my head or Emperor Palpatine growling “RISEEEEEE” but whatever it is, the lightsabers will arise for a good time and that’s not a Star Wars dirty reference). Looking for a little Ghoti merch? Well click here my friends.

2. Ninety Pound Wuss

The gritty and yet critically acclaimed hardcore/punk band from the upper North West part of the West Coast, are here to slay once more. The band released a discography of full lengths over the years starting with the great “Self Titled” album in 1996 through Tooth & Nail Records. Each album was different from the last and no consistent formulaic style that you could pin on them. Genre labeling, forget about it (in my best mob voice). The band will reunite on stage at Furnace Fest 2023 this year and I’m sure everyone is in for a real treat because like their music, they are completely unpredictable. Say hi to Jeff for me. Even though I have the “Self Titled” album on Vinyl, it couldn’t hurt to own another Ninety Pound Wuss album on that format. Tell UnoriginalVinyl and Tooth & Nail Records that you can’t wait to order it soon and that you are excited for all their vinyl re-releases of those early Tooth & Nail titles from the beginning to 1999. It’s happening, right? Maybe it was just that vivid dream last night where I woke up with drool and elation but didn’t know why. In my case it was probably a mix of that and a feeling of agitation upon waking and fearing my Vinyl was sitting outside again in the rain, next to the mailbox. Did I say how much I dislike certain United States Postal Workers? A lot of gifts over Christmas got soaked outside and I forgot to check the mailbox for a day, so bye bye packages. California rain makes people nuts. Run, hide, throw your hands in the air and repeat the cycle while running around and around in a circle on loop. Let’s talk about an over abundance of wet weather to our friends in Oregon and Washington then drop the mic and watch Ninety Pound Wuss pick it up and throw it at our heads. Hey, it comes full circle. Oh and whatever happened to the “El Nino” weather pattern because 90’s, I haven’t forgotten you. Yes, nostalgia lives on even in California rain. Something Must Break.

3. A Plea for Purging

Speaking of getting mics tossed in your face, how about some heavy metalcore meant to raise my blood pressure and keep me not on the edge of my seat, but on the verge of a heart attack. I won’t fault you PLEA, I’m angrier about this Covid virus than I am about getting pumped up with obliterating metalcore. This band made some truly HEAVY albums, a mix of rage and question seeking. Facedown Records knew what they were doing when they signed them and released their albums. Hopefully Jason Dunn and the rest of Facedown will go out to Furnace Fest 2023 and bring some limited edition, one of kind merch and show everyone that you can’t keep a good label down. Isn’t it incredible that Facedown Records kept a small team together and has continued to run the label much the same way for more than 20 years now. In my line of work we call it “lean manufacturing” in their case I guess we call it consistently awesome! So let’s hear it for A Plea For Purging and a big high five for Facedown Records. They may or may not be simultaneously connected but the nostalgia runs deep, and memories will conquer all.

4. Blessed By a Broken Heart

What started out as a small time glam rock focused metalcore band and lots of solos and a better handle on the singing than the screaming. “Pedal to Metal” was better than the one before it but “Feel The Power” brings on the feels and all that old school nostalgia flows right back complete with head banging intensity and sing-a-long dynamics. Tony Gambino and the guys are coming back hard this year with a slightly revamped lineup because Sam Ryder has become an epic solo artist who made a comeback himself last year as part of the Euro Vision contest. You can currently listen to Sam Ryder’s brand new full length “There’s Nothing But Space, Man” that is creating a huge buzz in Europe and beginning to make waves here. So yeah, I think he’s a little busy. This new lineup featuring some familiar faces including Tony himself stepping up to the mic again, will play Furnace Fest 2023. No word yet on new songs but I believe I’ve seen some hints of studio work here and there. Could just be practive sessions? I would love another album and a perfect continuation of “Feel The Power”.

5. Extol

The masters of heavy, brooding, and melodic death life metal, are back! They last released their Self Titled record 10 years ago through their own labels and Facedown Records here in the states. It has been 10 years since new music has emerged and it is fine time for their return. Who is excited for an EXTOL Festival date and especially one at Furnace Fest?

6. Further Seems Forever

The band has had some spot dates here in 2023 with Jason Gleason on vocals and celebrating the 20th anniversary of “How To Start a Fire”. This was a huge album for the band and turning point once Jason joined. Who is excited for another FSF appearance at Furnace Fest? Maybe they could play some “Hide Nothing” songs in tribute to Jon Bunch? I love this band and would hope maybe they could make new music again with Jason.

7. Chasing Victory

Whether it be the time period, my over purchasing of songs and albums, over saturation of music at that point, etc, I lost connection with this band and didn’t fully absorb their albums. I was lucky, extremely lucky, to put a demo song of theirs on the first Hearts Bleed Passion compilation through Indie Vision Music alongside their pals in Forever Changed and I am so grateful I had that opportunity. Still a really great song. Since the “Biggest Fan 2” experiment ended I just kept continuing on with my music exploration projects and promotional campaigns by putting out COUNTLESS compilations from 2003 onward to even just a couple years ago (The Greatest Hits You’ve Never Heard). Chasing Victory weren’t just a “Promising” new band, they were the real deal and just as professional as ANY other band then and now. Their set will be momentous.

8. Haste The Day

The mighty HTD are back for another go around. The lineup is a bit unclear but since Jimmy Ryan’s other band “Trenches” is also playing, chances are we might get both vocalists at the festival. Jimmy and Stephen had vastly different vocal styles but their combined talents pushed Haste The Day in a different direction than most bands playing their time period. I bet festival goers are in for a real treat.

9. Training For Utopia

The chaotic, post-hardcore, loud and unafraid whatever you want to call them Northern California based band (at the time) – Training For Utopia, are also reuniting for this festival. The band featured brothers Don and Ryan Clark who have both gone on to do incredible things not only in music but also in the realm of graphic art & design. Not sure if this is just a special one off date or if you’ll hear more from them in the future. Whatever it is, this is going to be heavy, noisy, and chaotic.

10. With Blood Comes Cleansing

Heavy deathcore with spiritually leaning lyrics and baseball bat to the head with blood splatter, METAL! I’m sure there are some With Blood Comes Cleansing fans around and they are going to eat this reunion up. Who else is excited?

11. Anberlin

Ok, so this isn’t quite a reunion per se since they did reunite last year and put out the “Silverline” EP but it’s a big Festival date and I know for a fact Furnace Fest and Anberlin go together quite well. These guys are one of our music scene’s underrated superstars.

12. Showbread

This really punk rock chaos inducing super band doesn’t hold back. They have a lot to say whether you agree with them or not. That’s what’s cool about art and music that these creators are free to express their various opinions and echo them through the music they create. It’s anyone’s guess of what comes next and this year will be even bigger for them without a doubt.

13. As Cities Burn

Heavy and melodic and yet indie focused and entirely themselves. The band has played a few comeback shows the past couple years and even an album was released recently. I’m sure their appearance at this year’s Furnace Fest will be one for the ages.

14. The Insyderz

You can never, absolutely NEVER, go wrong with The Insyderz. They were always the odd ones out but the heaviness mixed with a melodic, sing a long punk rock sound and a penchant for covering worship songs (some were quite fun others were as well but in 2023 might sound dated to non-GenX). Insyderz fit more in with Mustard Plug, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Suicide Machines, Less Than Jake, etc. than the more commercial fare. I think the only reason they weren’t “bigger” (whatever that means) was their various label entanglements. The last promoted album on Floodgate Records is a highlight and of course “Fight of My Life”, but “The Sinner’s Songbook” was a really great album too as an independent, self released effort. I would hope this reunion becomes more solid and that the lineup produces new music for the masses. I’ve seen some live videos of a recent show and they haven’t missed a step in their absence. Furnace Fest are in for a sweet surprise.


The Jimmy Ryan led side project from the original Haste The Day he fronted but in that post-metal realm. This band fell off most people’s radars and still most people aren’t aware they exist. The band put out a new album in 2022. Any fans? They are playing Furnace Fest this year and it should be a raucous show indeed.

So those are the reunions most exciting that Indie Vision Music has covered in the past at one time or another. These Fest organizers are great at building hype and since this is just May, expect some more announcements to come. My personal excitement will be amplified by a few long out of circulation bands listed in my “Most Wanted Band Reunions of 2023” seen here. There are a lot of surprising folk who drop by Indie Vision Music website every now and then and by shares and mentions of that article, I’ve stirred the pot. Let’s all hope for some more once in a lifetime Reunions in 2023. I know Tim Mann of Focused would love to play this fest, so you hear that Furnace Fest friends???

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Loyd Harp
January 19, 2023 5:35 am

Extol was just announced!!!!!!!!

January 18, 2023 1:12 pm

Training for utopia and extol. I have symphony in peril on a show I’m planning night before furnace: still working on deets

January 17, 2023 12:34 pm

You forgot about Training for Utopia!!!!!

January 19, 2023 4:34 pm

Extol!!! is this a dream?

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