Flyleaf Announce Reunion With Lacey Sturm

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Sorry for my absence. You know, life. This is a couple days late but certainly worth talking about. The beloved alt-rock-metal band – Flyleaf, have indeed reunited with their acclaimed first singer and lead woman, Lacey Sturm. Since Lacey and the band parted ways like a decade ago, both parties went on to make new music and continue their careers. Lacey Sturm has come out as a very successful and talented solo artist but not in the acoustic-y, “fall asleep while driving” realm. Her music was as heavy as it was a lighter and more spiritual affair. It has been a really beautiful balance of style meets heart tugging passion and spiritual ferocity. Anyway, she has become world renowned and instantly recognizable as the frontwoman for a band that brings on all the feels and nostalgic longing. The newly reunited band will make their official live debut next May at Sick New World Fest in Las Vegas (Update: Fest is already sold out). So how many Flyleaf fans do we have here? I am certainly pumped for this!

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