Doomsday Hymn working on new material

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The Brazilian groove metal band Doomsday Hymn have started to work on a new album or EP. The band has been around 2012 with Vocalist Gil Lopes (ex-Delohim) and Drummer Jarlisson Jaty (ex-Survive) and have released an EP and a studio album, released via Rottweiler Records. The band has been hinting that somethingĀ is coming since late 2016 and now they have made it official. Be on the lookout for this incredible band. Just a heads up, there are no English lyrics so it’s kind of hard to understand. The band currently consists of Lopes, Jarlisson, and Guitarist Allan Pavani.

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Jacob S.
Jacob S.
January 24, 2017 1:07 pm

I’d never heard of these guys before (and I don’t speak a word of Portuguese), but after checking them out, I really like their style. Here’s hoping this will be a great album.

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