DENS - Foolish (Tamed Tongues Sessions)

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DENS released an absolutely stunning reworking of their 2020 full length, “Taming Tongues”, and re-released it as “Tamed Tongues” earlier this year. As you may have guessed, this too would further cement the band’s place among among some of the best bands in the music scene today. “Diverse” doesn’t even begin to tell the whole, complete story. You really have to experience all 4 of the band releases to understand the complexities, the melodies, the words, the worship, and the heart beat that keeps this band spinning. I am holding out hope for a Vinyl pressing of Tamed Tongues and as soon as it is announced, you’ll hear about it here. Check out the new music video for “Foolish” which is the Tamed Tongues session version, below.

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