Demon Hunter - On My Side (Official Music Video)

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Demon Hunter have a new double album releasing next week and in celebration the band just dropped a new music video for the song “On My Side”. Check out the video below and pre-order digitally right here or on physical here. Amazon also has physical items as well, see link below.

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Mark K

Got the deluxe edition last Wednesday and have been thoroughly enjoying both albums. With 22 songs (two bonus tracks) between the two albums it’s taking awhile to absorb. Still getting better each day though. A note to those who buy these, War isn’t filled with extremely heavy material. It is largely heavy beginning to end but has some softer material like Grey Matter and Leave Me Alone. Ash is the barn-burner on the album and Lesser God’s has some melodic black metal riffing which is pretty cool. Not many guitar solos this time, which I enjoy, but it doesn’t bother… Read more »

Glad to hear they are at the least “growers.” I loved the first three albums, but started getting a little tired halfway through the fourth one. The next few had their moments for me, but kind of bogged down. Though Yogi is a technically excellent drummer (and Triptych is one of my favorites), I often find myself missing the sort of nu-metal/”I don’t usually play metal drums, how does this work?” drumming Jesse Sprinkle did with the band–it was so skippy and unpredictable, and kept the songs from growing stagnant. I thought the songs were great on Outlive, though, so… Read more »


That was…interesting. I wonder why they chose to have most of it back-lit and/or out of focus? I’m still excited to hear the albums Friday(!), but this video didn’t really do anything to increase that anticipation.