The Death In Me - Dragging Chains

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Check out this brand new live music video from the band The Death in Me for their song “Dragging Chains”. Lyrics can be found below.

Face in the dirt, my flesh numb to conviction
I ponder how I ended up so far down in this hole
It’s getting dark, yet I won’t look up to the sun
I’m getting cold, yet I reject His warming glow

My spirit comes alive for an instant
Writhing in fear from the darkness abounding
The bottle tightens it’s grip, lust begins to set in
I feel the apathy encasing me
Why do you ransom your shame, my son?
The wind’s crying out, (oh, be still)
“Move forward day by day
Just keep on dragging your chains”
That’s all I hear but it’s not so simple
I find no peace, no rest in this hellhole
I have no control without you God
I keep running back to the same old habits
I’m sprawled out on the floor bawling my eyes out
Digging this hole, unable to climb out
a forged collar around my neck
Chained down to the ground, pulling me closer to hell
Strapped down by my own addictions
I crave to feel the light of conviction again
Why do you ransom your shame, my son?
The wind’s crying out
How do you think it felt when He carried your chains to the cross?
He died to bring you the key
The house of freedom is wide open, my son, come in and be free
Move on, my son, I’ve given you authority to overcome these things
Speak up, my son, stand up and break off the chains that bind you
I speak to sin, and I speak to the father of lies;
I’m unbound, I am free
I am not your slave
There’s not a thing you could do that could mend
The chains and snares that you’ve forged against me
Your Father has broken these chains
You’re not slaves

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July 5, 2017 7:38 am

Can’t get enough of this band. I have no clue how they aren’t signed yet.

Chris S
Chris S
July 10, 2017 4:56 am

Haven’t heard the tune, but those lyrics are great.

Phil Recognition
Phil Recognition
July 3, 2017 1:37 pm

best band.

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