Craig's Brother Will Return With Their 4th Full Length Record In 2020 and Launch Kickstarter to Make It Happen

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Our friends in Craig’s Brother are returning in 2020 with a new full length album, their first since The Insidious Lie, 8 years ago. This will be their 4th Full length record since they began with their first official national release – “Homecoming”, back in 1998. There have been many demo releases, 7″, and 2 Eps so the excitement is clearly there for them to give us another full length worth of punk rock tunes. Prepare for the head explosion emojis! Click here to contribute on Kickstarter (Phase 1) and make this dream a reality. The band is running this whole campaign and I know you’re gonna love it. I hear Jason Ragan (Jay) of the short lived IVM band – Next In Line, is playing with them now. Full band that’ll make some of the best melodic punk rock around.

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