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I know this band doesn’t exactly fit under the banner of Indie Vision Music (Christian bands and the like) but I really enjoy them and this new (Debut) album by Calling Hours is an absolute joy to listen to. The album “Say Less” just released in November on the mighty Revelation Records and it’s already making waves in the punk and hardcore communities. This album rides the waves of any great melodic punk/rock band but takes it up another whole level and far exceeds expectations. I went into this record knowing about “Popeye from Farside” which if you didn’t know, was a highly influential and somewhat short-lived punk/hardcore band from So. Cal. that existed from the early 90’s until 99′ with the release of “The Monroe Doctrine”. The band Farside came out at a time where Grunge and Alt Rock ruled the music scene (and raked in the bucks) while the hardcore and punk rock scenes were just beginning to bubble under the surface. Their sound was cutting edge, mixing pop-punk vocals and hardcore like guitar work creating a sound all their own. Fast forward to 2023 and you have this new band called Calling Hours that creates a modern iteration of that early Farside sound but then takes a departure, making music all their own and with a very commercial like sound. Saying the word “commercial” is certainly not a knock on this band’s debut and is rather a highly sought after compliment that endears them to the hearts and souls of music fans across the world. It’s the kind of music that gets your heart beating, your head bobbing, your eyes closing, and your lips moving to every lyric, every song. Check out Calling Hours “Say Less” now and watch the music video for “Curtain Call”, below. You can buy the vinyl from Revelation Records and purchase digital via Bandcamp below.

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