Anberlin Tease Reunion With New Profile Image

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Update: The band has changed their official website and have posted this same image. Anberlin has been dropping little hints the past few months that are leaving fans guessing. Today they swapped out their profile image on facebook with a new pic that appears to be a photo taped back together. Could this be symbolism? Could this another hint at a reunion? Or is it just a standard photo image swap and/or nothing at all? You debate below and talk about your favorite Anberlin moments from years past. Let’s all stand back in eager anticipation for the next step and hopefully it is the one thing us fans are hoping for…..reunion.

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3 Comments on "Anberlin Tease Reunion With New Profile Image"

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They should have never broken up. It’s been clear for five or six years that any band that did breakup outside of fistfight circumstances is eventually going to get back together. They could easily kickstart a billion dollars to record a new album. They should have just gone on hiatus.
With all that said…man, I hope they are getting back together.


Please be true!


Adddddelaaaaaide, Adelaide!!!!